Who we are

Mainstream Advertising, Inc. is an innovative provider of results-based interactive online marketing services to advertisers and agencies. Our extensive advertising network consists of inventory that we purchase from Web Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaigns and email publishers.

What we do

Through our own network, and our proprietary technologies, We Power Results for advertisers and their agencies, with the ability to run major third campaigns on third party web sites such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to reach 85% of all the internet's online audience.

Advertising Formats

Advertising Pop Unders

Pop-unders is a form of online advertising on the Internet which emerged from the concept of pop-ups. This form of advertising is deemed acceptable and least intrusive, as it will not immediately interrupt the user, nor will it take the user's attention away from the publisher's site. It gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their products and provide users with sufficient product information.

When a user visits a website with a pop-under advertisement, the pop-under will open in a new browser window hidden below the user's current browser, usually unnoticed. When the user is finished with the publisher's site and closes their current browser, they will then be presented with the pop-under advertisement, creating a less disruptive approach to online advertising.