Who we are

Mainstream Advertising, Inc. is an innovative provider of results-based interactive online marketing services to advertisers and agencies. Our extensive advertising network consists of inventory that we purchase from Web Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaigns and email publishers.

What we do

Through our own network, and our proprietary technologies, We Power Results for advertisers and their agencies, with the ability to run major third campaigns on third party web sites such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to reach 85% of all the internet's online audience.

Advertising Formats

Advertising SEM

What we do for local business:

Advertising Local buyers, in reach.
As your prospective consumers abandon traditional print media (like newspapers and paper yellow pages) and spend more time online, how can you turn local online searches into phone calls?

Introducing Advertising: pay-per-click search engine advertising developed specifically for local and regional businesses.

Be at the right place – at the right time.
Advertising is the most affordable and effective way to get your local business in front of people in your service area right as they're ready to make a purchase. That’s because the Advertising Search Network covers over 98%* of the online searches in North America. Because we’re not bound to any publishers except the ones that deliver the best results for you, our network covers heavyweights like Google™ AdWords, Yahoo!® and MSN® and a stack of powerful niche sites that can turbo-charge your campaign.
*Nielsen online, 2009.

Advertising Intelligent spend.
The best part? You only spend when someone already looking for your services clicks on your ad (the industry term is pay-per-click, or PPC). Plus, our campaign managers utilize smart technology to optimize your campaign twice daily, shifting more of your advertising dollars to the keywords and sites that give you the most phone calls and contacts. We call this conversion-based optimization. Our clients call it "magic."

Advertising Personal touch, clear results.
Your Internet Marketing Consultant works one-on-one with you to identify your specific marketing needs and goals. Then, our team of online advertising specialists leverage Advertising’s search engine advertising experience to set up and manage campaigns expertly. Our detailed reporting provides all the stats you and your Advertising team need to monitor your campaign's progress - and how users are interacting with it. We'll give granular details on every click, visit, e-mail, download, web form and phone call made from your ad, and our Call Recording feature even lets you listen to each call so you discover training opportunities for your business.