Who we are

Mainstream Advertising, Inc. is an innovative provider of results-based interactive online marketing services to advertisers and agencies. Our extensive advertising network consists of inventory that we purchase from Web Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaigns and email publishers.

What we do

Through our own network, and our proprietary technologies, We Power Results for advertisers and their agencies, with the ability to run major third campaigns on third party web sites such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to reach 85% of all the internet's online audience.

Advertising Formats

Advertising Local Pay Per Click

Target your ad to a local audience if you run a local business, your ad will be more successful if you target your city, town or metro area. You will reach a smaller, more focused audience and avoid calls from people outside your service area.

Appear on local search sites we provide yellow pages search results and pay per click advertising to many top Web sites. Our network partners include local search results, so you get high quality local leads.

Advertising Local (PPC) Pay Per Click Internet Advertising: Be keyword focused

Get connected with local consumers that search for products and services in your area via keyword bid-based advertising commonly known as (PPC) Pay Per Click internet advertising. Your Text Ad is presented in our local search engine results pages based on consumers keyword search and location relevance.

Keyword focused internet advertising or (PPC) Pay Per Click internet advertising helps direct traffic to your website by matching search engine query relevance to the keywords you have specified that best respresent your product services company or business. Often times potential customers may search for a specific product or brand name rather than search for the business that provides it. For example if you ran a Bookstore and a potential customer performed a web search for “Used Books” you could guarantee that your product services company or business listing appears above the natural search results for that query by bidding on the keyword “Used Books”.

What will I pay for Local (PPC) Pay Per Click Internet Advertising?

Minimum prices per click, often referred to as Costs per Click (CPC), vary depending on the level of competition for that particular keyword or phrase. Very popular keyword search terms can cost much more on popular search engines. Through our bid-based (PPC) pay per click internet advertising campaign, we can target customers in your city, county, state, national or international level. Start driving customers to your website with premium (PPC) pay per click ad placement and pay as little as $.05 per click.

Advertising Initiating Local (PPC) Pay per Click Internet Advertising?

For a limited time only you can sign up for (PPC) Pay Per Click Internet Advertising and get $10 free with new business or product services company accounts or have your (PPC) Pay Per Click deposit matched up to $100. Use the Quick Contact form in the menu to the top left or call 1-800-399-0159 to sign up today!