Who we are

Mainstream Advertising, Inc. is an innovative provider of results-based interactive online marketing services to advertisers and agencies. Our extensive advertising network consists of inventory that we purchase from Web Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, PPC campaigns and email publishers.

What we do

Through our own network, and our proprietary technologies, We Power Results for advertisers and their agencies, with the ability to run major third campaigns on third party web sites such as Yahoo, MSN and Google to reach 85% of all the internet's online audience.

Advertising Formats

Advertising Display Advertising

Advertising Maximum online awareness, in reach.
Traditional advertising just can’t generate effective brand awareness now that your potential customers have moved on from print to online media. So how can you get your message in front of them now?

Build brand and product awareness with Advertising: online display advertising developed specifically for local and regional businesses.

Advertising National sites, local awareness.
By using advanced targeting and optimization techniques, Advertising targets your message to potential local customers where they will be the most receptive and more likely to interact with it: the most popular national news, entertainment and lifestyle sites. While these consumers may not need your product or service today, Advertising ensures your brand will be the one they remember when they’re ready to buy.

Advertising also works in tandem with Advertising by showing your ad to customers who have previously searched for your business online.

Advertising Smart selection.
Advertising locates your ideal customers with sophisticated techniques like:

  • Remarketing – by targeting interested consumers who have visited your site in the past in order to guide them closer towards making a purchase.
  • Engagement-based optimization – to make your campaign more powerful for less spend, we steer ad dollars towards the sites that are most cost-effective in bringing people to your business.
  • Geographic targeting – to make sure you're always reaching the right local consumers.
  • Contextual targeting – by selecting sites regarding topics that relate directly to your type of business.
  • Demographic targeting – to make sure your ad gets delivered to the right target consumer based on their demographics (like age, income and gender).
  • Premium site placement – for maximum visibility, we get you on national sites that feature bigger and better traffic - but only show your ad to local visitors of those sites.

Advertising Proven visibility.
Our detailed reporting provides all the stats you need to monitor your campaign's progress - and how users are interacting with it. We'll give granular details on every click, visit, e-mail, download, web form and phone call made from your ad, all without ever having to bother your webmaster. And your Internet Marketing Consultant (IMC) is always available to review your results together to pinpoint what's working well, and what could be even better.